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Professional Installation

Are you tired of that old creaky, unsightly garage door ruining your home's aesthetic? Is the door to your garage constantly getting stuck and making you late? Does fighting with a stubborn old door take its toll on your patience and back?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, it's time for a new garage door.

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Garage Door Installation

At A Better Choice Garage Door, we provide a wide range of garage doors and garage door services. We'll help you choose the right door for your garage and then come to your home and install it, so you don't have to lift a finger to get a new door that both looks great and works perfectly.

Our complete range of garage door related services includes:

  • General garage service
  • Electronic garage door services
  • Residential garage door installation

When you call A Better Choice Garage Door, you're assured a garage door expert who can field all your questions and concerns. We offer competitive rates and are fully licensed and insured. The quote you receive from business name is the only price you'll pay and we'll never tack on any hidden fees or prices mid-job.

Get a great new garage door today, call A Better Choice Garage Door.

Premium Residential Doors

Top-of-the-line models designed to be both energy efficient and low-maintenance. This door features a pre-painted, easy-to-clean steel exterior with an insulated core. Owners will soon find themselves taking for granted the longevity, durability, and smooth operation which comes naturally to a door built this well.

Series Insulation R-Value Warranty
2285/86, 4285 Polyurethane 8.07 Lifetime*
2294/96/98 Polyurethane 9.6 Lifetime*
2216/17, 4216 Polyurethane 14.7 Lifetime*

Model: 2700 (The Fiberglass Door)

Your home reflects who you are. C.H.I. offers an additional way in which to do this with the high definition distinguishing look offered by this impact resistant molded fiberglass door. Created for those who choose to create a statement.

Series Insulation R-Value Warranty
2700 Polyurethane 14.40 Lifetime*