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Siri, Please Open my GARAGE DOOR! iPhone Users, Check This Out!

iPhone – SiriProxy on the Raspberry Pi

Apple’s iPhone Siri virtual assistant is fascinating and useful (for the most part), and the Raspberry Pi micro Linux PC is also very fascinating if you are a geek who likes to tinker with technology. If only there was a way to make Siri cooler by combining it with the Raspberry Pi… Well, it just so happens that this is more than possible, it has been done. A Raspberry Pi enthusiast has posted a project to the maker’s forums showing how to use an iPhone to interface Siri with your automatic garage door opener so you can tell Siri to “Open my garage door.”

This mod makes use of SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi to enable a custom commands in the Siri application. The Pi box is running as root user for the purposes of this project with wiringPi used to connect the Pi’s GPIO pins to the garage door relay trigger. Getting SiriProxy running on the device is not a one-click process, but if you have understood this post up to this point, installation of SiriProx should be a snap.

Once your Raspberry Pi is listening for SiriProxy commands, your iPhone should be able to feed instructions right into the Pi and your automatic garage door opener. Next up is adding the necessary actions to the SiriProxy server. This requires editing the ruby script in the program found here: /root/SiriProxy/plugins/siriproxy-example/lib/siriproxy-example.rb.


Siri Opens Your Garage Door

Hi Siri. Please start my car and open my garage door!

Code snippets are available on the Raspberry Pi website. When you get the SiriProxy server running and the Pi hears the right command, it uses the GPIO pins to activate the garage door relay.

There are probably easier ways to get your garage door open, but I defy you to find a cooler one.

via Raspberry Pi


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