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Hal, Open the garage door, please!

The day your trusty garage-door opener decides to call it quits while you’re garage, getting ready to leave for The Big Meeting, hit the “button” and nothing — you’ll taste the same

Garage Door Repair Bartlett

betrayal astronaut David Bowman felt in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” What do you mean, malfunction? This garage door opener isn’t supposed to malfunction! The good news is, with a little smart care, your story can have a much happier ending.

It’s doing a lot of work.

The equipment you’ve tasked with winching it up and down several times a day is bound to experience a lot of vibration and a lot of wear and tear. The first hint you’ll get that trouble is developing is when the unit starts to get noisy. The noise is telling you that something’s shaking loose. Paying attention to it now might save you a big repair bill later.

Garage Door Repair Bartlett

Lubricate it!

Your garage door and opener isn’t the well-oiled machine it used to be? Get in there and clear all the debris and grit from the rollers and their tracks that you can.  Then lubricate the rollers. Spray silicone or white lithium grease are handy, easy-to-apply options; your owner’s manual may recommend another lubricant such as simple lightweight machine oil.

OK, I’m in over my head.

One thing we do not recommend is putting your hands on those torsion springs, or on any part of the garage-door opener that’s under tension. Because those big springs are under very high tension. And while you’ll find plenty of videos showing hardy DIY types urging you to grab the tools, get in there and replace those things yourself — A Better Choice Garage Door of Schaumburg STRONGLY advises caution, if not outright cowardice. One wrong move with those big springs and you could get seriously hurt.

Garage Door Repair

Don't Get Hurt!!!

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