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Garage Door Lube – Grease or Oil???

My #*!@ squeaky garage door!

Keep your door oiled

Your Garage Door is a Machine

We were on a call in Bartlett last week and our customer asked, “Should I use grease, oil, or WD-40 when maintaining my garage door?”. The answer is oil. Better yet, you can reuse the oil from you last oil change from your car, motorcycle, or even your lawnmower. This is any easy way to get rid of some of that old oil laying around.

Oil is built to last and not break down. Also, oil has a thinner consistency and does not collect dirt and debris like grease. Oil will also keep your garage door running smooth for the season or even two.

So, no grease?

Garage Door Oil

Oil Your Garage Door

If you are talking about the movie, I still say absolutely not! When talking about your garage door, it’s still NO. Grease works great for the first few weeks, but will soon start collecting dust and other debris. Sawdust, dirt, pollen, or whatever is floating around your neighborhood is drawn to grease like a magnet. Soon that silky lithium grease is a glob of mucky gook and will do more harm than good. Have you ever brushed against a greasy garage door tack? Time to buy a new pair of slacks!

What about WD-40?

lube for your garage door

Lube for your Garage Door

WD-40 is great and it will get rid of the squeeks. BUT….. it is a very SHORT TERM solution. In our industry we use WD-40 as a solvent to remove old grease and dirt from garage door components especially for screw-driven openers. WD-40 a great all around solvent for grease and works on just about anything.

Oil it is!

Like a well-oiled machine, lubricate your garage door every few months, and you will have a smooth operating garage door.

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