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Did you close your garage door?

What is it?

Part of the Genie-Net product lineup, the Closed Confirm remote is an innovative garage door opener accessory from Genie.

What does it do?

If the garage door does not close properly, a warning tone will sound and an LED will flash warning you that your garage door requires some type of service.

This means that you no longer have to second guess yourself about whether your garage door is open or closed on your way to work.

Why do I need it?

This unique Genie Opener feature provides additional convenience, security and peace of mind for every outing.


  • Remote LED Flashes green when garage door closes.
  • Remote LED flashes red and gives a warning tone when your garage door does not close properly
  • Works with existing Genie TriloG and IntelliG garage door openers
  • Requires Genie Network Adapter

Closed Confirm Next Generation Garage Door Opener Remote


Genie-Net Closed Confirm Garage Door Opener Remote

Genie-Net Closed Confirm Opener Remote

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