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A Better Choice Garage Door Repair

Spring Repairs to New Garage Door Replacement, A Better Choice Garage Door of Schaumburg is hear to take care of all your garage door repair needs. We service the suburbs of Chicago and will do our best to provide you with 1st class garage door service. From Elk Grove Village to Carol Stream, we have you covered.

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Garage Door Repair Glendale Heights

ABC Garage Door Repair is the number 1 source in garage door repair for Glendale Heights. No matter make or model of overhead door, garage door opener, garage door spring, A Better Choice Garage Door has you covered.

Garage Doors Glendale Heights

A Better Choice Garage Door Service takes garage door repair in Glendale Heights to the next level. We have experienced garage door technicians serving Glendale Heights every day. If you are in Glendale Heights and need garage door repair, give us a call for fast and reliable garage door service.

Glendale Heights Garage Door Service

Glendale Heights Garage Door Repair

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Garage Doors Carol Stream

Garage Door Repair Carol Stream

A Better Choice Garage Door Repair offers the best value for your money. We repair all types of Garage Doors including overhead doors, panel doors, genie garage doors, CHI garage doors, and all other types of garage doors.


Garage Door Repair Carol Stream

Carol Stream Garage Door Repair

Garage Doors Carol Stream

Garage Door Repairs in Carol Stream are a pleasure to service. We have technicians serving the Carol Stream area throughout the day. We can provide you fast and reliable garage door service at a fair rate.

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Garage Door Repair Hoffman Estates, IL

Hoffman Estates Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Hoffman Estates

Garage Door Repair Hoffman Estates

A Better Choice Garage Door Service offers the highest level of service on garage door repairs. We take pride in our positive feedback with Angie’s List, BBB, Google Places, and all other sites containing our reviews.

Our philosophy is to inform our customers of all work needed before lifting a hammer, and we will not hand over a bill until our customer is 100% satisfied.

If you are looking for a new garage door, spring repair, or even a simple tune-up, give A Better Choice Garage Door Repair Hoffman Estates a call today!

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Garage Door Lube – Grease or Oil???

My #*!@ squeaky garage door!

Keep your door oiled

Your Garage Door is a Machine

We were on a call in Bartlett last week and our customer asked, “Should I use grease, oil, or WD-40 when maintaining my garage door?”. The answer is oil. Better yet, you can reuse the oil from you last oil change from your car, motorcycle, or even your lawnmower. This is any easy way to get rid of some of that old oil laying around.

Oil is built to last and not break down. Also, oil has a thinner consistency and does not collect dirt and debris like grease. Oil will also keep your garage door running smooth for the season or even two.

So, no grease?

Garage Door Oil

Oil Your Garage Door

If you are talking about the movie, I still say absolutely not! When talking about your garage door, it’s still NO. Grease works great for the first few weeks, but will soon start collecting dust and other debris. Sawdust, dirt, pollen, or whatever is floating around your neighborhood is drawn to grease like a magnet. Soon that silky lithium grease is a glob of mucky gook and will do more harm than good. Have you ever brushed against a greasy garage door tack? Time to buy a new pair of slacks!

What about WD-40?

lube for your garage door

Lube for your Garage Door

WD-40 is great and it will get rid of the squeeks. BUT….. it is a very SHORT TERM solution. In our industry we use WD-40 as a solvent to remove old grease and dirt from garage door components especially for screw-driven openers. WD-40 a great all around solvent for grease and works on just about anything.

Oil it is!

Like a well-oiled machine, lubricate your garage door every few months, and you will have a smooth operating garage door.

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Spring For a new Garage Door in Hoffman Estates

Spring is HERE!!!

Garage Door Repair Hoffman Estates

Spring for A New Garage Door

Looking to spruce up your home in Hoffman Estates? Take advantage of our FREE Estimates. Our servicemen come out same-day to measure and quote you for a new door. We also carry samples on our trucks. Give us a call today!

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Broken Garage Door in Bartlett

Bartlett, IL Garage Door Repair

Garages get broken into quite frequently

Bartlett Garage

Garage Door Repair Bartlett

A Better Choice Garage Door Service specializes in repair and security work. Call us out for a security check! We will make sure that your door is secured and your family is safe.

Secure your garage door today!

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Garage Door Spring Repair Hoffman Estates

Broken Spring is our thing in Hoffman Estates!

Hoffman Estates

We're waiting for your call!

Need garage door service FAST in Hoffman Estates? Give A Better Choice a call today. We have agent’s standing by to take your call.

Hoffman Estates Garage Door Repair Service

Don’t forget about the Online Service Request!

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Hal, Open the garage door, please!

The day your trusty garage-door opener decides to call it quits while you’re garage, getting ready to leave for The Big Meeting, hit the “button” and nothing — you’ll taste the same

Garage Door Repair Bartlett

betrayal astronaut David Bowman felt in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” What do you mean, malfunction? This garage door opener isn’t supposed to malfunction! The good news is, with a little smart care, your story can have a much happier ending.

It’s doing a lot of work.

The equipment you’ve tasked with winching it up and down several times a day is bound to experience a lot of vibration and a lot of wear and tear. The first hint you’ll get that trouble is developing is when the unit starts to get noisy. The noise is telling you that something’s shaking loose. Paying attention to it now might save you a big repair bill later.

Garage Door Repair Bartlett

Lubricate it!

Your garage door and opener isn’t the well-oiled machine it used to be? Get in there and clear all the debris and grit from the rollers and their tracks that you can.  Then lubricate the rollers. Spray silicone or white lithium grease are handy, easy-to-apply options; your owner’s manual may recommend another lubricant such as simple lightweight machine oil.

OK, I’m in over my head.

One thing we do not recommend is putting your hands on those torsion springs, or on any part of the garage-door opener that’s under tension. Because those big springs are under very high tension. And while you’ll find plenty of videos showing hardy DIY types urging you to grab the tools, get in there and replace those things yourself — A Better Choice Garage Door of Schaumburg STRONGLY advises caution, if not outright cowardice. One wrong move with those big springs and you could get seriously hurt.

Garage Door Repair

Don't Get Hurt!!!

SOURCES: PDIYHome DepotLowe’s; “What’s A Homeowner To Do?” by Stephen Fanuka and Edward Lewine (Artisan, 2011)

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Spring Repair in Bloomingdale, IL

A Better Choice Garage Door Repair Service in Bloomingdale takes pride in their work. Springs are the number one cause of you getting stuck in your garage. There will be a time when you hit the button to open your garage door, and your garage door will twitch and sputter. When this time comes, give A Better Choice Garage Door a call.



Garage Door Repair Bloomingdale

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Siri, Please Open my GARAGE DOOR! iPhone Users, Check This Out!

iPhone – SiriProxy on the Raspberry Pi

Apple’s iPhone Siri virtual assistant is fascinating and useful (for the most part), and the Raspberry Pi micro Linux PC is also very fascinating if you are a geek who likes to tinker with technology. If only there was a way to make Siri cooler by combining it with the Raspberry Pi… Well, it just so happens that this is more than possible, it has been done. A Raspberry Pi enthusiast has posted a project to the maker’s forums showing how to use an iPhone to interface Siri with your automatic garage door opener so you can tell Siri to “Open my garage door.”

This mod makes use of SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi to enable a custom commands in the Siri application. The Pi box is running as root user for the purposes of this project with wiringPi used to connect the Pi’s GPIO pins to the garage door relay trigger. Getting SiriProxy running on the device is not a one-click process, but if you have understood this post up to this point, installation of SiriProx should be a snap.

Once your Raspberry Pi is listening for SiriProxy commands, your iPhone should be able to feed instructions right into the Pi and your automatic garage door opener. Next up is adding the necessary actions to the SiriProxy server. This requires editing the ruby script in the program found here: /root/SiriProxy/plugins/siriproxy-example/lib/siriproxy-example.rb.


Siri Opens Your Garage Door

Hi Siri. Please start my car and open my garage door!

Code snippets are available on the Raspberry Pi website. When you get the SiriProxy server running and the Pi hears the right command, it uses the GPIO pins to activate the garage door relay.

There are probably easier ways to get your garage door open, but I defy you to find a cooler one.

via Raspberry Pi


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Bartlett, IL Garage Door Repair

Need your Garage Door Spring, Automatic Garage Door Opener, or Cables repaired? Even if you need a new remote for your LiftMaster or Genie Opener, A Better Choice Garage Door has you covered. We are in Bartlett daily, and you can expect prompt and professional service from A Better Choice Garage Door. Call us today!


Broken Garage Door Repair in Bartlett

We are standing by to repair your garage door in Bartlett

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Broken Garage Door Springs and the Cold

It’s a cold hard fact. Garage Door Springs break when the temperatures drop. Not only are the springs affected by the cold, the whole operation of your garage door is compromised. Automatic Opener gears strip, Screw Drive Opener Trolleys give way, Garage Door Cables Snap. Low temps is a very strong ingredient when it comes to broken garage doors. Give A Better Choice Garage Door a Call today or try out our OSR!


Broken Garage Door Spring Bartlett

Broken Garage Door Springs and the Cold

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Garage Door Repair in Bloomingdale

Broken springs, cables, automatic garage door openers will keep your garage door stuck. We have garage door technicians working on garage door repairs daily in Bloomingdale. Give A Better Choice Garage Door a call today our user our Online Service Request.

Garage Door Repair Service Bloomingdale

Automatic Garage Door Opener Repair in Bloomingdale

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Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Openers

Are you out on the road or at work and can’t remember if you closed your garage door on your way out? No Worries! With Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener you can check the status of your garage door from any smartphone or computer.

Did the Inlaws get arrive 5 hours early? Instead of being a Zero, be a Hero by letting them in from your phone and the Craftsman Assurelink! Score points with everyone by Opening your garage door from the internet.

Available on Craftsman models 3043, 30437 These Belt Drive Openers run super quiet and are dependable for many years.


Craftsman Assurelink gives you peace and mind over your garage door

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LiftMaster myQ – Control Your Garage Door Opener from ANYWHERE

LiftMaster myQ

What Is It?

myQ allows you to monitor, open, and control your garage door from any smartphone or any computer anywhere.

With optional accessories, remotely control lamps and other electronic from anywhere.

Why Do I Need It?

Has “Did I remember to close my garage door?” Ever come to mind while you are sitting in traffic on your way to work? Well, worry no more. With myQ, you can quickly check your phone to see if your garage door is opened or closed.

Also, let friends and family in while your away. Also, don’t forget about the babysitter.

What are the Requirements?

You need:

  • LiftMaster Elite Series (Belt Drive 8850)
  • LiftMaster Premium Series Chain Drive (8360)
  • LiftMaster Internet Gateway (Model 828LM)
    • All 3 units above are available from A Better Choice Garage Door
  • An internet connection
  • Web browser (works on any browser)
  • App available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry

LiftMaster myQ - Monitor and Control Your Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster myQ - Open your Garage Door from your Phone or Computer

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